AgnewBrusavich Obtains Favorable Settlement in Wrongful Death Case Involving Over-Administered Medication

A 71-year-old man overdosed on Propofol after a nurse administered the medication using a machine she was unfamiliar with in attempts to calm the patient during an ambulance transfer.

The man was admitted to a community hospital’s emergency department complaining of shortness of breath and chest pains. He had a number of medical issues, including obesity, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. The patient was examined and stabilized, and the decision was made to transfer him by ambulance to a larger hospital for continued care.

He overdosed while in transfer and was resuscitated, and the transfer continued. The patient was later diagnosed brain dead, and he was taken off life support the following day.

Partner Bruce Brusavich successfully concluded the case by providing that Propofol was not the appropriate medication for anxiety and that he was negligently overdosed.