Carson Doctor Alleges Gardena Convalescent Home Tried to Frame Him for Causing Patient’s Death: Gerald Agnew Featured in the Long Beach Press-Telegram

As published in the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Torrance-based law firm AGNEWBRUSAVICH has filed a lawsuit against the Gardena Convalescent Home and seven employees alleging they falsified physician’s orders and medical records to frame Dr. Shrikant Tamhane for their mistakes that resulted in an elderly patient’s death. The complaint alleges that the employees of Gardena Convalescent Home replaced patient Yukio Fukushima’s feeding tube incorrectly when it had become dislodged, using the wrong-size tube and inserting it into his abdomen instead of his stomach. Fukushima died in October 2014 following a blood infection. Tamhane alleges no one at the nursing home notified him about any issues with Fukushima’s feeding tube and then tried to put the blame on him.

“Yukio lost his life due to the negligence of Gardena Convalescent Center’s staff members,” said Partner Gerald Agnew. “Instead of taking responsibility, they devised a scheme against Dr. Tamhane to hide their negligence. It’s disturbing to see a highly-regarded physician’s reputation ruined because Gardena Convalescent Center’s staff wanted to save themselves from prosecution.”

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