Cracked Cement, Road Blocks and Wet Roads Create Dangerous Roadways

Poorly designed and maintained roadways are a hazard to all those who travel on them, whether they are pedestrians, in cars, in trucks or on bicycles.

  • Roads may not have the capacity for the traffic.
  • They could be designed in a way that makes intersections hazardous.
  • Vehicles could lose traction due to water pools on the roadway instead of draining properly.
  • Poor pavement and pot holes may cause drivers to swerve around these defects and collide into other vehicles.
  • Roads may be poorly lit.
  • Malfunctioning stop lights could endanger drivers.

One 2012 survey estimates that the majority of California’s counties’ pavement quality is “at risk,” while only eight counties have a pavement rating of “good.” The American Road and Transportation Builders Association estimates that ten percent of the nations’ bridges are in urgent need of repair. Of the top one hundred bridges described as in most need of repair based on daily crossings 79 are in California.