Have You Been Severly Injured and Need Long Term Care?

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AGNEWBRUSAVICH provides experienced legal help to those who need it the most– those suffering catastrophic injuries. They could have many causes, but what our clients have in common is that their lives have been deeply affected due to the negligence of others. They could be suffering severe, lifelong physical and intellectual disabilities that changed them from productive, active people supporting their families to those who may have significant limitations and need long term care and medical treatment.

A Traumatic Brain Injury Can Be Life Altering Event.

A brain injury can occur in an accident where thereis no apparent head wound and the victim may even appear to be coherent for a time. These types of injuries can result in severe physical and intellectual disabilities as well as changes to personality. According to the Brain Injury Association of America,

  • 5.3 million Americans are disabled due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • The annual cost to society due to TBI is an estimated $76.5 billion.
  • 35% of TBI’s are caused by falls with 17% caused by motor vehicle accidents.