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I was rear-ended on the freeway, and am thankful for the efforts Bruce Brusavich and the AGNEWBRUSAVICH staff put into settling my claims. Bruce was always so responsive to any questions or concerns I had, and I appreciate the professional manner with which he handled my case. Daniel has also been wonderful, very knowledgeable and helpful, and Jan was always a...
"I was hit by a car while riding my bike and suffered multiple injuries. My bicycle and gear were also damaged in the accident. After a short analysis, I realized that dealing with the driver’s insurance company would be a complicated process. A colleague highly-recommended AgnewBrusavich, and when I met Gerald Agnew the next day, I knew he would help me get the best results possible. Gerry and his team always kept me informed about the development of my case. His entire team is very professional and was easy to get in touch with. They answered all of my questions and were very supportive throughout my case. The case was resolved after the completion of my lengthy recovery. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend the AngewBrusavich team for any personal injury matters."


“I was involved in an accident when a truck pulled out in front of my motorcycle on my way home from work. At first, I was dealing with the responsible party’s insurance company on my own, but kept running into delay after delay. I had even started to receive collection notices for the medical bills I had incurred. “A friend at work referred me to Gerry Agnew. Gerry and the entire AgnewBrusavich team took over everything and were a tremendous help. The insurance company was dealt with, the settlement was received, and I was very pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend AgnewBrusavich to anyone needing the services of a great law firm.”

David Hallgrimson

"I was referred to AgnewBrusavich after being hit by a truck. The moment this happened the fear of medical bills, not being able to work, and replacing my damaged property was now a reality. As a teacher, not being able to work the summer was a financial nightmare, especially with medical bills building up. Gerry Agnew was very reassuring in all of our meetings, kept me updated, and made me feel comfortable and confident. From the start, Gerry handled everything from the multiple insurance companies to working with other attorneys to resolve our case. Gerry’s determination and patience helped me recover a substantial settlement that also paid the bills, covered the time I missed from work, and replaced all my damaged property."

Raul Proano

“After I and three others were hit by a pickup truck on a cycling trip, I wasn't sure how I would pay my medical bills. I was referred to Agnew Brusavich, and after meeting with Gerry I felt much better. He and his team handled all the communication between the insurance companies and opposing attorneys, and kept me up-to-date throughout the process. I'm happy to say that Gerry's patience and determination helped me obtain a substantial recovery and all my medical expenses, as well as the time I had to miss from work and more.”

John Pierson

When a car made an illegal U-turn directly in front of me, I collided with the vehicle and sustained injuries and property damage. I had heard of AgnewBrusavich from a number of other cyclists, and contacted Gerry Agnew. Gerry took care of everything, from gathering medical records to getting my damaged bicycle inspected to building my case file and managing all contact with the opposite party or their insurance company. He took the time to prepare everything thoroughly to ensure we were able to either proceed to trial or reach the best possible settlement—he emphasized that this would not be a short process, but he would do everything in his power to provide a solid outcome. Gerry and the rest of the AgnewBrusavich staff certainly delivered on their promises. I would not hesitate to recommend Gerry Agnew to anyone—he and his firm know exactly what they are doing, and take the time to do the very best job they can for their clients.

Geoffrey Loui, Member of Big Orange Cycling Club

While riding my bike, a driver made a left hand turn into me. After several telephone conversations with the insurance company, I determined that dealing with them was too stressful and that I needed a professional to advocate for me. That person was Gerry Agnew. He and the AgnewBrusavich staff requested documents and kept me informed. I never once worried about the case and was extremely satisfied with the settlement.

Bonnie Woodbury - State, National and World Champion, and Record-holder

I was riding my bicycle in El Segundo when I crashed in a trench cut into the roadway as part of a construction project, sustaining a significant gash in my forehead. Bruce Brusavich and his team at AgnewBrusavich proved that the permit issued by the City required the contractor to follow the Watch Manual which set forth basic guidelines for traffic control devices and barricades during construction, which were not in place. Bruce then negotiated a significant settlement of my personal injury claim rather quickly.

Richard Calma

I was run down by a tourist on a rented Segway at the Venice Boardwalk and suffered a broken hip. Other attorneys had turned down my case due to the release of liability the tourist signed with the Segway renter. Bruce Brusavich at AGNEWBRUSAVICH established that the Segway was too dangerous to be operated on a crowded boardwalk and that the training provided by the rental company was inadequate. Bruce got me the compensation I needed to pay my medical bills and to compensate me for my pain and the loss of my business while I was recuperating.

Barbara Duffy

My 45-year-old husband of 22.5 years was killed in a private plane crash. Bruce Brusavich and his litigation team at AgnewBrusavich determined how the modifications to the aircraft engine caused the crash. By aggressively litigating the product liability lawsuit, they got me the answers I needed as to how this tragedy occurred, and the compensation I needed to carry on without my husband.

Carmen Quinones

I was involved in a large medical malpractice suit and was referred to AgnewBrusavich / through another attorney I’ve known for 30+ years who had worked with Gerry Agnew before. It was very comforting to work with Gerry and the staff. They were always very friendly and understanding. The staff always had answers to my questions, and if they didn’t know the answer, they would research it and get back to me promptly.


While riding my bicycle car brushed me going by and knocked me down. The driver and the insurance company disputed physical contact and claimed the accident was my fault. A fellow cyclist referred me to AgnewBrusavich. The staff was very efficient, caring and honest. I felt like they were family and I could tell them anything. They were very thorough and won the battle against the insurance company in binding arbitration.

Judy Hammond