AgnewBrusavich filed a lawsuit against Richard Davis and Two6 Sports Management on behalf of Angelo Gumbs and his wife Kandis Gumbs for fraud. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Davis represented himself as a certified baseball agent with the Major League Baseball Players Association and defrauded Mr. Gumbs of more than $100,000. The complaint includes three counts of alleged fraud: intentional misrepresentation, concealment and promise without intent to perform.

“Mr. Davis misrepresented himself as an experienced baseball player’s agent solely for the purpose of stealing Mr. Gumbs’ signing bonus,” said Bruce Brusavich, partner with AgnewBrusavich. “This was a calculated and greed-driven act that affected the livelihood and marred the trust of a talented young baseball player.”

The suit seeks damages not only to seek recourse for Mr. Gumbs, but to deter others from engaging in such fraudulent conduct.

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