AgnewBrusavich and Taylor & Ring filed a lawsuit against Hawthorne School District, Hawthorne Middle School and its physical education instructor Rafael Hernandez on behalf of “Jane Doe” for sexual abuse, harassment and other misconduct. The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Hernandez emotionally manipulated Ms. Doe before engaging in multiple acts of sexual harassment. Several teachers and personnel at Hawthorne Middle School witnessed the inappropriate behavior but did not report it to officials.

“The school district did not uphold their legal obligation to protect their students, and as a result, Rafael Hernandez was able to sexually assault not one, but two vulnerable children over the course of his career,” said Bruce Brusavich of AgnewBrusavich.

“Mr. Hernandez is a sexual predator and knew how to take advantage of Ms. Doe’s fragile mental state by sharing intimate personal details and showering her with compliments and gifts,” commented Dave Ring of Taylor & Ring.

The lawsuit demands a jury trial and seeks compensation for personal injuries and damages.

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