Partner Bruce Brusavich was featured in the article, “Medical malpractice lawyers ranks have shriveled” published in Daily Journal discussing the impact of the Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) on tort lawyers for the last 40 years and the attempts to reform its policies. MICRA remains a grievance to tort lawyers who are trying to help get the maximum compensation for victims and their families, saying it wrongly values human life at $250,000 and blocks legitimate law suits. After years of defeat, tort lawyers are pushing a ballot to reform MICRA in an attempt to revitalize the tort communities across generational lines.

“I’ve seen lawyers that handle medical malpractice shrink to just a small handful”, said Mr. Brusavich, who began his career as a malpractice attorney after MICRA’s passage. “The law prevents victims who can’t claim lost wages – the elderly and families of children that die – from even getting a hearing.”

This may be the first major fight over tort reform, but it will set the standard for plaintiff’s litigators to work together in order to achieve success in impacting major policy changes.