AgnewBrusavich prides itself in community involvement

For 37 years, this firm has played a pivotal role in representing the local bicycling community in the South Bay, Southern California, and beyond. We understand how stressful and traumatic it can be to have a cherished activity become a constant reminder of pain and difficulty. Partnership with the local biking community gives us an opportunity to mitigate the physical and psychological effects of these accidents with competent representation. AgnewBrusavich proudly sponsors and supports the following organizations:


We like to look beyond our service as attorneys to demonstrate our commitment to the local community. Scholarships, charities, volunteering, and parent-student conferences are an important part of our mission. In 2019, AgnewBrusavich will be the proud sponsor of over 600 scholarships for over 25 years. We understand the value of giving back, especially when it means investing in the local youth.

Represented Bicyclists

Nicole Tebaldi
Rudolph Swigard
Richard Schlickman
Chad Lucius
Albert Lagunas
Sharlene Yamaguchi
Brian Zink
Paul Deem
Kevin Markovics
Deogracious Asuncion
Joseph Berndt
Marshall Perkins
Suzanne Sonye
Diego Binatena
Annette Richards
Margaret Levy
James Reed
David Gonyer
Monika King
Mark Whitehead
Joseph Yule
Michael Marckx
James Warren
Barnett Feigenbaum
Andrew King
Michael Strauchman
Gail Ohlsson
Emanuel Wilson
Erika Graves
Luis Alvarado
John Thomson
Gail Halinka
Justin Truex

Jose de Chastonay
Jack Schneider, Sr.
Greg Liebert
John Hall
Randolph Hickey
Chris Daggs
Emanuel Guzman
Josh Wills
Steven Krivokopich
Ronald MacNair
Chester Harris
Tara Unverzagt
Jordan Vysma
Erin Donnelly
Teresa Tosney
Joshua Alverson
Sara Ashworth
Melanie Peterson
Jack Haynes, II
Eugene Poyorena
Steve Shriver
Jeffrey Kashida
Richard Castile
Chris Hannum
Kevin Cahill
Christopher Wilno
Sandra Lavery
Robert Mennig
Bonnie Woodbury
Joseph Sojka
Mark Stuebs
John M. Pierson
Raul Proano

Lucia Vallinoto
John McNulty
Alexander Brewer
Tara Germano
Mary Swanlund
Jason Rosales
Kenneth Garrigus
Alice Case
Chris Pate
Daniel O'Brien
Carl Frushon
Harris Lyons
Rick Swanson
Edgardo Potes
Domenic Defeo, III
Mitchell Rattanavipapong
Cyprian Adduru
Theresa Ensign
Daniel Janov
Richard Rivera
Sherman Wellons
Carol Kwan
Teresa Steele
Shahriar Nehrir
Danny Zhou
Joan Bacon
Albertina Samardzic
Andrew Vollmer
Michael Brandt
Ian Fulton
Theresa Schnepf
Sherri Sussman