The Daily Breeze spoke with Gerald Agnew to discuss the lawsuit AgnewBrusavich recently filed against Gardena Convalescent Center for improperly inserting their client’s feeding tube that caused a severe infection and killed him.

The lawsuit was brought by the two sons of the deceased man for failing to provide proper medical care for their father. The man was admitted to Gardena Convalescent Center to rehabilitate from a hospital stay following a series of small strokes. Medical personnel placed a feeding tube into his stomach because he lost the ability to eat or chew. A few weeks later, Gardena Convalescent Center employees changed his feeding tube saying that it had been dislodged, without notifying his sons or his physician. The father spent his last weeks of life in hospice and died from septic shock, respiratory failure, pneumonia and other injuries.

“This killed him. This absolutely killed him. He suffered terribly,” said Mr. Agnew. “This never should have happened.”

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