Cyclist HL was traveling on Palos Verdes Drive North in the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the bicycle lane when an offending driver, clipped him causing HL to fall from his bike and suffer a neck fracture. A severe head injury was avoided because of HL’s helmet. Further HL was wearing proper cycling clothing – bright colors, gloves and a helmet. This was important because liability was disputed. The offending driver claimed he did not see or observe HL, which defense was disposed of quickly by the production of the physical evidence, i.e., clothing, gear, etc. for inspection by the offending driver’s insurance company. Witness statements were also secured that substantiated HL’s statement that he was definitely within the bicycle lane when struck by the offending driver. HL recovered without surgery but was in a limiting brace for several months and underwent rehabilitation and physical therapy. The case resulted in a multi-six­ figure settlement for HL.