CB a cyclist was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident . While riding her bicycle she was struck by a car and suffered a hip injury that required surgery.

AgnewBrusavich thoroughly investigated the accident, secured the physical evidence and all medical records. Through investigation AgnewBrusavich was able to secure local business security video footage of the area at the time of the accident. This led to information shared with authorities who ultimately found and arrested the offending driver. As CB’s luck would have it the hit-and-run driver had no insurance. AgnewBrusavi ch proceeded with a claim and demanded arbitration for CB’s uninsured motorist coverage. A $250,000 recovery was obtained.

Additionally because of the information provided the authorities and CB’s economic damages the District Attorney was able to obtain an Order for Restitution as part of the offending driver’s plea agreement in addition to the uninsured motorist dollars recovered by AgnewBrusavich.