Los Angeles, CA November 23, 2020) – At approximately 10:42 a.m. this morning, a traffic accident caused injuries at an intersection in central Los Angeles. 

Police stated that the wreck occurred on State Road 110 in the southbound lanes at the intersection with Avenue 52. The contributing factors of the crash have yet to be determined by local law enforcement officials. 

It is believed that at least two vehicles were involved in the crash.

Injuries were reported to have resulted from the incident. EMTs were observed at the crash site, though the total number of injured victims remains unknown. The scope and severity of any injuries caused by the crash also have yet to be determined.  

No one involved in the incident has been identified to the public at the present time as police continue their accident investigation.  

No other information has been disclosed concerning the wreck or its surrounding circumstances. 

We would like to offer our thoughts to those hurt in the crash in hopes of a speedy recovery. 

Los Angeles Traffic Accidents

The Golden State sees approximately 650 traffic accidents occur per day, injuring thousands of people and causing approximately 3,200 deaths per year. Fatal Los Angeles traffic accidents occur more often than fatal traffic accidents in nearly any other state in the nation. These collisions are constantly changing the lives of injured victims and their family members and imposing lasting impacts upon everyone affected by them. Negligent actions performed while driving such as speeding, intoxication, and distraction can endanger the lives of not only the negligent driver but also everyone else they encounter on the road at any given time. 

When lives are lost due to negligent driver errors, family members are often left to deal with not only the painful loss of their loved one, but also perhaps outstanding medical bills, funeral costs, and other costs associated with their family member’s accident. In worst-case scenarios, families lose an important source of income along with losing their loved one, which can impose even further financial burdening upon them. If you have recently lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person, contact a Los Angeles wrongful death attorney. An attorney will be able to assist you with moving forward from your recent accident aftermath by informing you of your legal right toward compensation. You could be entitled to significant financial compensation for any injuries, losses, and/or damages you may have endured as a result of your loved one’s recent collision. 

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