Thanks to secured witness statements, a reconstruction and a thorough investigation AgnewBrusavich was able to successfully conclude a case for an injured cyclist struck by a vehicle. The cyclist suffered a clavicle injury requiring surgery and a knee injury.

DK was riding his bicycle on Palos Verdes Dr. West North of its intersection with Palos Verdes Dr., North. This is a notorious intersection that needs to be carefully navigated by cyclists and all vehicles. As DK rounded the turn a driver made a lane change hitting him with the left front fender of his automobile. DK was knocked from his bicycle, crashed to the ground and suffered fractures to his clavicle requiring surgery and an injury to his knee requiring arthroscopic surgery. Liability was disputed because the offending driver claimed that DK had drifted into his lane. Follow-up with witnesses and statements obtained confirmed that DK was not at fault for the accident allowing the case to ultimately settle completely for $360,000. Follow-up with witnesses was critical because DK had a brief loss of consciousness following the accident and was uncertain of the sequence of vehicle movements.