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Catastrophic Injuries

Have You Been Severly Injured and Need Long Term Care?

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AGNEWBRUSAVICH provides experienced legal help to those who need it the most– those suffering catastrophic injuries. They could have many causes, but what our clients have in common is that their lives have been deeply affected due to the negligence of others. They could be suffering severe, lifelong physical and intellectual disabilities that changed them from productive, active people supporting their families to those who may have significant limitations and need long term care and medical treatment.

A Traumatic Brain Injury Can Be Life Altering Event.

A brain injury can occur in an accident where thereis no apparent head wound and the victim may even appear to be coherent for a time. These types of injuries can result in severe physical and intellectual disabilities as well as changes to personality. According to the Brain Injury Association of America,

  • 5.3 million Americans are disabled due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • The annual cost to society due to TBI is an estimated $76.5 billion.
  • 35% of TBI’s are caused by falls with 17% caused by motor vehicle accidents.

Nearly Half of Spinal Cord Injuries Occur in Motor Vehicle Accidents.

A spinal cord injury, depending on the severity and location, could disable a person for life. It could result in the loss of feeling and function of one’s body, leaving one totally dependent on others to survive.

The spinal cord, the central bundle of nerves extending from the brain and branching across the body, transmits signals between the brain and the rest of the body, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is located within the spinal column and any damage to it could affect the spinal cord and result in temporary or permanent neurological impairments.

The CDC states,

  • Motor vehicle accidents cause 46% of spinal cord injuries with 22% caused by falls.
  • Use of seatbelts and airbags in a vehicle can reduce the chances of such an injury by 80%.
  • The estimated lifetime cost of a spinal cord injury can range from $500,000 to $3 million.

Paralysis Can Result in Millions of Dollars of Medical Treatment Costs.

If the spinal cord injury is severe enough, paralysis can result. The extent of the paralysis would depend on the severity and location of the injury. The farther  up the injury is on the spinal cord, the greater the extent of paralysis.

  • About six million Americans live with paralysis, according to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which would be about the equivalent of more than half the population of Los Angeles County.
  • About 27% of cases of paralysis are caused by traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries.
  • The foundation states average yearly expenses due to paralysis can range from $228,566 to $775,567 in the first year.
  • Estimated lifetime costs to a 25 year old suffering from paralysis can range from $681,843 to over $3 million.

Amputations Can Be Caused by a Traumatic Event or to Prevent Further Harm.

There are nearly two million Americans who have survived the amputation of a limb, according to the Amputee Coalition, with 45% of those amputations resulting from some traumatic event. The event itself may cause the amputation or damage the limb so severely that medical treatment would not be effective and amputation would be necessary for the overall health of the person.

About 185,000 amputations occur annually with the estimated annual medical costs of amputations at $8.3 billion.

Burns Can Result in Permanent Physical Limitations.

You could be severely burned at work, in your home, or in your car. If the burn is serious enough, it could result in permanent physical limitations and severe scarring.

In 2013 about 450,000 Americans needed medical treatment due to burns, according to the American Burn Association. About 40,000 of those people needed to be hospitalized.

They estimate burn related deaths in 2013 were,

  • 2,550 in residential fires.
  • 150 in non-residential fires.
  • 300 motor vehicle accidents.
  • 400 due to exposure to electricity, scalding liquids or hot objects.

No matter what kind of injury you or your loved one are suffering due to the negligence of others, AngnewBrusavich understands your situation and can help you get your life back together again. We will fight for your rights and handle the insurance companies for you and work to get you the highest compensation for those injuries. Contact us today so we can talk about your situation, your legal options and how we can help.