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Founded in 1984, AGNEWBRUSAVICH represents victims and their familiar who have suffered personal injuries from bicycle and vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, premises liability, elder abuse and other acts of negligence. Having tried more than 200 cases, they have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of their clients. Each attorney provides clients with the experience, dedication and preparation needed for a successful result.

The content of this website is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing herein is intended to form the basis of an attorney-client relationship, constitute legal advice or comprise a representation or warranty regarding the likelihood of success in any legal representation undertaken by the firm.

  • Obtained $9 million settlement. Private contracted bus ran a yellow light and struck the Plaintiff’s vehicle, rendering driver a quadriplegic.
  • Obtained $925,000 settlement. Plaintiff was hit head-on by a vehicle that crossed a double yellow line on a two-lane highway, resulting in a broken leg.
  • Obtained $810,000 jury verdict. A motorcyclist hit a railroad control box after driving off the road at an unmarked curve.
  • Obtained $775,000 settlement. 62-year-old man was hit in a head-on collision while parked in his car. He suffered a chest contusion and fracture in his right foot.
  • Obtained $750,000 settlement. 90-year-old man was struck in a Trader Joe’s supermarket parking lot, which resulted in a broken hip.
  • Obtained $500,000 jury verdict. A motorcycle traveling on the freeway hit a ladder that fell off a van.
  • Obtained $337,500 settlement. 50-year-old man suffered chipped teeth and a compression fracture to his lumbar spine as the result of the Defendant running a red light.
  • Obtained $325,000 settlement. Father of a 45-year-old man brought suit for the wrongful death of his son.
  • Obtained $250,000 settlement. Woman sitting in her car at a stop sign was hit head-on after a Mercedes ran the stop sign, causing Plaintiff to suffer from a herniated disk in her cervical spine.
  • Obtained $200,000 settlement. 53-year-old salesperson was rear-ended by a company truck, aggravating an old wrist injury which required surgery.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement. 35-year-old production manager was hit by a pickup truck while crossing the street, which resulted in her left leg being fractured.
  • Obtained $325,000. Cyclist was riding on a two-way bike path in Idaho when he was struck by a driver who ran a stop sign. The cyclist suffered a shoulder injury that had to be surgically corrected. The damages were capped at $324,900, but we received the maximum recoverable damages possible.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement. Cyclist was traveling southbound when a driver opened his car door facing the cyclist. The cyclist crashed into the door and suffered a knee injury requiring surgical repair.
  • Obtained undisclosed settlement. Cyclist was forced off a neighborhood street by driver on a rampage causing damage to vehicles from the Redondo Beach area to the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement. Man was traveling downhill on his bike at about 35 mph when a driver of a pick-up truck clipped the cyclist with the right mirror and ejected the cyclist from his bike onto the roadway.
  • Obtained arbitrated net award of $170,000. 50-year-old woman was cycling when a Cadillac grazed her hip in passing and knocked her down. She suffered a fractured shoulder, which was surgically repaired with hardware fixation devices. Though contact was denied, a photo was used as evidence to establish a brush mark on the car where it had made contact with the cyclist.
  • Obtained confidential six-figure settlement. Teenage girl was making a left hand turn, didn’t see cyclist approaching and struck him. Cyclist suffered from a broken neck and spent several months in rehabilitation.
  • Obtained $2.1 million jury verdict. Taxi driver hit cyclist, rendering him a paraplegic.
  • Obtained $970,000 jury verdict. City employee opened truck door and struck cyclist, resulting in a fractured tibia, clavicle and cheek bone, as well as a head injury.
  • Obtained $130,000 settlement. Cyclist crashed and fell off his bike as a result of disrupted asphalt and disrepair in the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, causing an acetabular fracture.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement. Cyclist was struck by an automobile while riding his bicycle and suffered contusions and bruising.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement. Cyclist was struck when a car turned in front of oncoming traffic, causing him clavicle and rib fractures.
  • Obtained 75,000 settlement. Woman was riding her bike on a major thoroughfare when she was confronted by uneven and disrupted asphalt causing her to crash. She suffered from a shoulder injury.
  • Obtained $21.6 million jury verdict. Insurance company breached contract and interfered with prospective economic advantages.
  • Obtained $1.25 million jury verdict. Insurance failed to properly settle a property damage claim.
  • Obtained $1 million jury verdict. Construction worker slipped and fell from a 25-foot climbing rig at a construction site.
  • Obtained $900,000 settlement. 78-year-old man was scalded in a hotel’s shower.
  • Obtained $600,000 jury verdict. Improper security at office resulted in an office worker being raped while working late.
  • Obtained $280,000 settlement. 57-year-old woman fell down the stairs at her neighbor’s house and suffered a fractured ankle.
  • Obtained $225,000 settlement. Cyclist was riding to work when his wheel got stuck in a pothole, causing him to crash and break his femur.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement. 72-year-old woman tripped on a disrupted sidewalk and broke her hip.

Obtained $500,000 jury verdict. A 74-year-old died as a result of negligent nursing care.

  • Obtained $2.8 million settlement. Due to a faulty bullet proof vest, a 41-year-old detective was shot in the line of duty and suffered severe injuries.
  • Obtained $1.9 million arbitration judgment. Aircraft experienced engine failure and loss of power after takeoff due to improper engine overhaul, resulting in crash landing. Plaintiff suffered nerve damage.
  • Obtained $1.5 million jury verdict. Oil tanker contained an unsafe loading site and caused Plaintiff to slip and fall off.
  • Obtained $1.25 million jury verdict. Lack of adequate warning on fuel container caused an explosion, and the client suffered severe burns.
  • Obtained $1.15 million jury verdict. Plaintiff lost 3 fingers in a plastic grinding machine.
  • Obtained $1 million jury verdict. Plaintiff fractured ankle when a rebuilt deadman brake failed.
  • Obtained $958,000 jury verdict. Plaintiff suffered from an eye injury due to an unhooked bungee cord.
  • Obtained $775,000 settlement. Due to a faulty bullet proof vest, a 29-year-old police officer was shot in the line of duty and suffered severe injuries.
  • Obtained $735,000 court trial. Food worker suffered from a hand injury from a food packaging machine.
  • Obtained $650,000 jury verdict. Client suffered injury to left hand due to a corrugated cardboard machine.
  • Obtained $650,000 jury verdict. 70-year-old lost fingers on left hand in a garden grinding machine.
  • Obtained $575,000 settlement. Plaintiff’s hand was pulled into a paper winder while at work, causing a crush injury.
  • Obtained $385,000 settlement. 65-year-old woman fractured her leg when she fell from her motor home due to retracted steps.
  • Obtained $375,000 settlement. 38-year-old cabinet marker was injured when a bottle cap flew off the bottle and struck him in the eye, causing vision impairment.
  • Obtained $11.2 million jury verdict. Premature baby was delivered negligently and sustained significant injuries.
  • Obtained $5.75 million jury verdict. Failure to treat a pregnant woman in an emergency setting resulted in premature birth injuries.
  • Obtained $4 million settlement. 45-year-old man suffered brain damage as a result of doctor’s failure to diagnose and treat bacterial meningitis.
  • Obtained $1.14 million settlement. 70-year-old woman underwent low back epidural injections for pain under monitored anesthesia care, stopped breathing and suffered brain damage.
  • Obtained $1 million jury verdict. Client suffered from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after inadequate post-operative care.
  • Obtained $962,000 settlement. Physician failed to treat pregnant mother for Group B streptococci during prenatal care, which caused birth injury during labor and delivery.
  • Obtained $625,000 settlement. 55-year-old woman suffered Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as the result of unnecessary and improperly performed shoulder surgery.
  • Obtained $600,000 settlement. 76-year-old man was left unattended, unsupervised and alone in the hospital when he fell from a portable toilet and suffered a mild brain injury.
  • Obtained $500,000 settlement. 44-year-old man died as a result of improper diagnosis and treatment for appendicitis.
  • Obtained $450,000 settlement. 47-year-old man died as a result of a physician’s failure to properly monitor his heart condition and make a timely referral for transplant surgery.
  • Obtained $250,000 settlement. Woman died due to lack of post-operative care following gastric bypass surgery.
  • Obtained $249,000 settlement. 14-year-old girl was scheduled to have arthroscopic knee surgery on her right knee, but the surgeon performed surgery on her left knee, removing healthy cartilage.
  • Obtained $3 million jury verdict. A part-time employee died in a hardware store fire.
  • Obtained $2.4 million jury verdict. A 61-year-old man was killed while attempting to unload steel rings from a railroad car.
  • Obtained $2.2 million jury verdict. Serious truck accident caused the death of a 12-year-old boy.
  • Obtained $850,000 settlement. 8-year-old boy was hit and killed by a vehicle as he ran across the street.
  • Obtained $783,000 jury verdict. Vehicle swerved in front of a tractor trailer, causing the driver to lose control and swerve off the freeway bridge, resulting in his death.
  • Obtained $627,000 jury verdict. 39-year-old woman passenger in a vehicle killed in a traffic accident.
  • Obtained partial settlement. Cyclist was struck by a motor vehicle, causing her death.
  • Obtained $1.2 million jury verdict. 17-year-old painter’s helper burned hand with a 240-volt busbar.
  • Obtained $1.1 million settlement. 42-year-old man was operating a road pulverizer and hit a gas line, which was improperly placed and marked by the gas company. A gas cloud enveloped the man and ignited, causing flash burn injuries.
  • Obtained $230,000 settlement. 25-year-old postal worker was chased by a dog, causing Plaintiff to jump off a porch, which resulted in a non-displaced fracture of the tibial plateau in the knee.


The content of this website is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing herein is intended to form the basis of an attorney-client relationship, constitute legal advice or comprise a representation or warranty regarding the likelihood of success in any legal representation undertaken by the firm.

I was rear-ended on the freeway, and am thankful for the efforts Bruce Brusavich and the AGNEWBRUSAVICH staff put into settling my claims. Bruce was always so responsive to any questions or concerns I had, and I appreciate the professional manner with which he handled my case.

I was referred to AgnewBrusavich after being hit by a truck. The moment this happened the fear of medical bills, not being able to work, and replacing my damaged property was now a reality. As a teacher, not being able to work the summer was a financial nightmare, especially with medical bills building up. Gerry Agnew was very reassuring in all of our meetings, kept me updated, and made me feel comfortable and confident. From the start, Gerry handled everything from the multiple insurance companies to working with other attorneys to resolve our case. Gerry’s determination and patience helped me recover a substantial settlement that also paid the bills, covered the time I missed from work, and replaced all my damaged property

Raul Proano

Amazing work !! Fought for me through the very end . Got me what I deserved. So very thankful to the whole team.


I was involved in an accident on the freeway when a car was sideswiped by a semi truck and spun out in front of my motorcycle. I sustained serious injuries, some permanent, and others that have taken years to heal. My case was very complicated because there were multiple parties involved and made worse by the trucking company denying all responsibility.

I was very fortunate to have Gerry Agnew represent me. He took care of everything from our first meeting so I could concentrate on recovering. Gerry’s years of experience and tireless efforts to investigate, recreate the accident and use of expert witnesses, resulted in a unanimous jury verdict that found the trucking company at fault and I received a substantial award for damages.

I am very grateful to Gerry and his team for helping me through this critical time in my life. I would highly recommend Agnew Brusavich to anyone who is need of a personal injury attorney.


I was hit by a car while riding my bike and suffered multiple injuries. My bicycle and gear were also damaged in the accident. After a short analysis, I realized that dealing with the driver’s insurance company would be a complicated process. A colleague highly-recommended AgnewBrusavich, and when I met Gerald Agnew the next day, I knew he would help me get the best results possible. Gerry and his team always kept me informed about the development of my case. His entire team is very professional and was easy to get in touch with. They answered all of my questions and were very supportive throughout my case. The case was resolved after the completion of my lengthy recovery. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend the AngewBrusavich team for any personal injury matters.


When a car made an illegal U-turn directly in front of me, I collided with the vehicle and sustained injuries and property damage. I had heard of AgnewBrusavich from a number of other cyclists, and contacted Gerry Agnew. Gerry took care of everything, from gathering medical records to getting my damaged bicycle inspected to building my case file and managing all contact with the opposite party or their insurance company. He took the time to prepare everything thoroughly to ensure we were able to either proceed to trial or reach the best possible settlement—he emphasized that this would not be a short process, but he would do everything in his power to provide a solid outcome. Gerry and the rest of the AgnewBrusavich staff certainly delivered on their promises. I would not hesitate to recommend Gerry Agnew to anyone—he and his firm know exactly what they are doing, and take the time to do the very best job they can for their clients.

Geoffrey Loui
Member of Big Orange Cycling Club

Agnew and Brusavich helped me so much after an injury from a car accident. I was shaken up from the experience but they made me feel so comfortable and truly showed they cared about my case. They are very accommodating and willing to answer any and all questions in a way I understood. Very grateful for them!!


I was involved in an accident when a truck pulled out in front of my motorcycle on my way home from work. At first, I was dealing with the responsible party’s insurance company on my own, but kept running into delay after delay. I had even started to receive collection notices for the medical bills I had incurred. “A friend at work referred me to Gerry Agnew. Gerry and the entire AgnewBrusavich team took over everything and were a tremendous help. The insurance company was dealt with, the settlement was received, and I was very pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend AgnewBrusavich to anyone needing the services of a great law firm.

David Hallgrimson

After I and three others were hit by a pickup truck on a cycling trip, I wasn't sure how I would pay my medical bills. I was referred to Agnew Brusavich, and after meeting with Gerry I felt much better. He and his team handled all the communication between the insurance companies and opposing attorneys, and kept me up-to-date throughout the process. I'm happy to say that Gerry's patience and determination helped me obtain a substantial recovery and all my medical expenses, as well as the time I had to miss from work and more.

John Pierson

Jerry Agnew and his staff took care of my motorcycle accident case above and beyond my expectations. Jerry was absolutely personally involved when necessary. I would recommend them if you have been seriously injured by someone else!


Agnew Brusavich handled my claim with excellence, integrity, persistence, and skill.

I am a cyclist - and unfortunately had a life-changing interaction with an automobile. A fellow cyclist recommended that I contact Agnew Brusavich.

I contacted this firm and I could tell at the very first meeting when discussing my case that I (and my body) were in good hands! Considerably better than "Allstate!"

Humor aside, the team at Agnew Brusavich cannot come more highly recommended. If you should have some sort of personal injury case, particularly if you are a cyclist, I cannot think of a better team to handle a personal injury case.

Thank You to Everyone at Agnew Brusavich